100 Dollar Challenge 6/1-6/7

This week was the first week that really felt like summer to me.  I think the little gals and I have a good blend of “need to do” and fun going on and the pace has been a little less frantic than it was that first week of summer break.  We had our first trip to the swimming pool and made a trip to see my grampa.  Travis even got a fire going for us one night, so the gals got to roast marshmallows. Fire - 100 Challenge

During the summer months our community has a Summer Lunch Program that is free for every child under the age of 18.  We go almost every day.  The kiddos love seeing friends from school and playing in the school’s park when we are finished eating.  They have a main course that is similar to something that would be served at a school lunch but they also have milk and a salad bar that is always packed full of different choices of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We are so grateful for this program! 20150529_112606_resizedpm

100 Dollar Challenge went smoothly this week! Here’s a run down.

100 Dollar Challenge meal plan and grocery list!


Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Egg, toast, and dried cranberries
Lunch: Summer Lunch Program
Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup w/ garlic toast (freeze remaining)
(Here’s a link to my Home Made Bread recipe)

Grocery List:

1 Pineapple, family size peanut butter, and a 12 pack of Dt. Dr. Pepper for me

Total Spent: $11.51
Total to Savings: $8.49


Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Loaded Cranberry Oatmeal
Lunch: Summer Lunch Program
Dinner: Sausage Chili w/ garlic toast (freeze remaining)

Grocery List:

Can of chili beans, ranch dressing, 2 lb turkey burger, and 2 lb turkey sausage

Total Spent: $14.61
Total to Savings: $5.39


Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Strawberry/banana smoothies & toast w/ boiled egg
Lunch: Mom treated us to lunch
Dinner:  Beef soft shell tacos & fresh fruit

Grocery List:

2 lbs Butter, 1 lb block of cheddar, 4 roma tomatoes, head lettuce, 10 carrots, 1 red onion, small jar salsa, lg bag marshmallows, and pint sour cream

Total Spent: $16.49
Total Saved: $3.51


Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Boiled egg, cheddar cheese, and sliced apple & pineapple
Lunch: Summer lunch program
Dinner: Chef Salads

Grocery List:

Turkey bacon, Bug Spray (the mosquitos are really dense this year), 2 Pineapples, veggie “chicken” nuggets (free coupon), 1 avocado, drain unclogger (no natural solutions are working and I don’t want to get my husband involved yet), and sweet Italian creamer.  Egg day means 2 dozen local farm eggs.

Total Spent: $19.80
Total Saved: 20 cents


Meal Plan:

Breakfast: French toast and pineapple
Lunch: Summer lunch program
Dinner: Pizza

Grocery List:

1 lb. Mozzarella cheese, Pepperoni, Marinara, Vegtable oil, and artichoke hearts… Plus an added whoo hoo for the day!  Some kale, cilantro, and lettuce from my auntie’s garden and 5 large jars of applesauce she canned last harvest all gifted to me!

Total Spent: $13.23
Total Saved: $6.77


Meal Plan:

Breakfast: eggs, turkey bacon, toast
Lunch: Chef salads
Dinner: Chili or chicken noodle soup leftovers (fresh home made noodles)

Total Spent: $0


Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Waffles w/ cinnamon apple topping
Lunch: BLTs and soup
Dinner: leftover tacos (fresh tortillas)

Total Spent: $0


So for the Grand Total Grocery Bill: $75.64
Amount Deposited to Savings Account: $24.36

How are all of you doing that are joining me in the 100 Dollar Challenge?  Anyone else want to jump in?

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