Back-to-School Germ Busters

germ busters

Back-to-School Germ Busters.

The occupants of the Krietlow mansion are still busy enjoying the last of summer. I will admit that the children are also anticipating the beginning of school and everything that comes with it. There is something about the children’s excitement that is contagious.  One thought I do not relish though is the beginning of 2 of my children remaining in close indoor quarters which can lead to sniffles and other germ related yuckiness.

So, how do you keep the kids healthy without putting them in a bubble before they leave the house? Here are a few tips to give your kids the extra edge this year when it comes to avoiding any illnesses their friends and classmates are bringing in with them to school.

Healthy Food.

Provide a healthy breakfast and pack healthy lunches. Keep a nice variety of colorful fruits and veggies at home.  The best attack against germs that have managed to stick is from the inside out.  I’m a firm believer in food as a means to wellness, especially for children.  I’ve found also that if the children are picking out the fruits and veggies at the store, they are much more likely to gain a fondness or them.


Sleep is important. My homeschool child has a definite advantage here because she can stay sleeping until her body tells her she’s had enough.  Not the case for my public school kiddos.  I really try to maintain a restful environment in the evenings with a nice relaxed transition to sleep time so I know that they are getting enough rest to keep their immune systems strong.  Since our summers are bedtime free I also start  trying to transition into the routine a couple of weeks before their school year begins.

Hand Washing.

No brainer, right?  But many classrooms have transitioned to using mostly hand sanitizers.  I think some water and suds is the best option though.  Gentle reminders at home will help develop good habits away from home and I’ve let my kids know that although hand sanitizers will do in a pinch, they should still be washing their hands before meals and any other time that germs might run amok.

Water Bottles.

Our local schools allow water bottles to be left in the school and sent home monthly for cleaning.  I ask that my kiddos just bring them home daily.  This way they can be washed and sent back fresh with fresh hold water from home.

Sick Manners.

Covering mouths while coughing/sneezing then washing hands is tried and true advice.  I also ask my children not to share water bottles with other children and to use care with hand washing when a child in their classroom is not feeling well.  An extra squirt of hand sanitizer never hurts when in doubt.

These are my tips for keeping those back-to-school germs out of our home but I would love to hear yours!  Share in comments below and head on over to the sidebar if you’d like to follow me here or on social media.  Hope you have a germ free-ish school year!




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  1. Rhyming with Wine says:

    Great tips here. We’ve only just started big school and we’re all full of cold already! The idea of water bottles staying at school for a month makes me shudder though! I’m with you – hot soapy water and good scrub every day! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

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