Blog Link Love #10

Blog Link Love

It’s truly beginning to feel like Christmas.  We’ve already been to our first family celebration of the season and our tree is so warm and comforting.  There is something so magical and wonderful about cuddling up with the kiddos by the light of the tree.  Even with everything going on I’ve been finding time for reading some new blog posts.  Here are some of my favorites so I hope you’ll grab a cup of whatever suits you and follow a couple links!

I think especially right now with the influx of more and more and more this post resonated with me.  11 Reasons to Own Less Stuff from Embracing Simple.  I want to stay motivated to continue on with the big goal and this was very motivating.

9 Crazy Things We Did to Become Debt Free from Growing Slower.  I love a post that makes you giggle and can identify yourself with.  We did some creative saving ourselves before buying our home and some of it stuck.  Now it’s fun to find new ways to save and getting better at saving feels amazing!  Loved this post this week.

Frugal Living is Not a Competition from Frugal Debt Free Life.  A refreshing reminder that we don’t all have to do frugal the same way.  I love that the only person I’m in competition with is myself!

How to Want Very Little on Zen Habits.  I love the idea of processing a desire.  This one was kind of a new way of looking at things for me and  ditely gave me something to think about.

Before, after and right now from Quill and Camera.  This one was peacefully written and made me smile and remember that its ok to dream, especially if you do it with gratitude for the now.

Have you read or written any share worthy posts recently?  I would love it if you would share your links in comments!


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