Blog Link Love – Easter 2017 Edition

Blog Link Love Easter

Easter is such a holiday of hope for me. It’s the signal of spring, and warm, and time spent outside.  The promise of summer just around the corner.

The fun starts today and the egg hunts usually last through the end of the month.  I plan to have the traditional egg  dyeing and some small baskets of plastic eggs with goodies for the girls.  There are also several Easter egg hunts going on in the community to choose from.

It’s also fun to find some fun new activities to sprinkle in and here are a few I found on blogs that I have been reading.  So grab your favorite drink, something that screams spring, and join me in loving some really fun Easter links!

Link Love – Easter 2017 Edition

Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs from Crafty Morning.  Because the only thing that my gals love more than candy is playing in shaving cream.  I’ve seriously ever proposed a shaving cream project that the gals weren’t excited about.

Easter Egg Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe by Tara from Seeing Dandy.  These are gorgeous.  Plus candy dipped strawberries are delicious and strawberries are in season so inexpensive at the store.  I love finding kitchen projects that are easy for the children to be involved in and mixing in colors and dipping is perfect.

Black Glue and Watercolor Resist Easter Egg Art from I Heart Crafty Things.  Painting is one of our favorite creative outlets and we love a new take on it whenever we can find it.  This is such a neat idea, I think the girls will love it.

Adult Easter Egg Colouring Pages – Intricate Eggs by Jen Walshaw from Mum in the Mad House.  Miss Grace and LaLa are really into adult coloring books right now.  It’s also something that they can do together with their teen sisters on their own outside of the craft room.  I’m always on the lookout for adult coloring pages that are kiddo friendly.

Easy Paper Bunny Origami from Red Ted Art.  This blog is new to me.  I found it from a post on making cute little book mark crafts that my mom shared on facebook.  I was happy to have found it as there are just tons of wonderful kids crafts that aren’t all geared to toddlers.   Many of them hit at the age that my kids are at right now.  When I found this Bunny Origami post I was especially excited.  We’ve never tried origami so it’ll be something new.  Might even be able to squeeze a couple “history of origami” learning nuggets in there!

If you have a blog post you’ve loved reading or written recently that you’d like to share please drop a link in comments and I’ll share on twitter.  I’d also love to hear what you have planned for Easter this year!

ALSO:  All the cool Moms have Instagram  and I want to join in.  My Instagram is now active and I would love to meet up with you there.  I’m here *JustOnlyHome Instagram*  Find me there and I’ll find you back!  If you comment on a picture you can let me know you got there through my blog!


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