Cutting Cable with Roku

cut cable

Today is the day!

The cable was off when we got up this morning and we returned our DVR boxes during errands.

This has been something I have been seriously considering for nearly a year now.  It’s been a tough decision because tv is how my husband unwinds in the evening and there are a few shows that we have gotten quite attached to.  I have been going over our budget over and over though recently and we are a touch short of making ends meet each month.  That money has been coming out of our savings account and it really makes my stomach ache every time I pull a bit more out knowing that that is money we won’t have for Christmas and birthdays, for home/vehicle repairs, and for other things that are really priorities to us above just sitting and watching certain shows.

When I got down to the math, cutting our cable with 2 dvr’s will save us $72 per month.  That equals $864 per year!  WOW!  Now our tv sets are older and don’t get internet on their own.  We have a Wii that we can pull up Netflix on right now and I went on Friday and bought a Roku 1 for just $50.  It is the only Roku device available that will work on our older tvs but I am not super impressed.  It doesn’t have the Profiles and the Kids Only sections so it’s difficult to get to the children’s movies to browse them.  We will see how it goes as we continue to use it but I think it will be fine for adult viewing in the living room.  So that is where the Roku 1 will go.  The Wii will stay in the family room since it does have the capability of accessing profiles and the kids section.  With the money we save from the cable bill I will save to get another Wii used on Amazon for around $100 and then we will be able to have one in the teen room in the basement as well.

Boxing up the DVR boxes this morning was met with keen interest from our little ones.  It was a good moment to explain to them that choosing something we want most over something we like is a part of life and that even though we won’t still have the movies recorded that we watch sometimes that there are many movies on Netflix and new ones coming in all the time for us to enjoy while still saving us enough money to do things like soccer, water park passes, and having mama be able to stay home and take them to do those fun things instead of going to work.  They were actually pretty excited to be a part of the shut down process!

It’s going to be an adjustment and we will miss watching The Walking Dead as soon as it airs and I will definitely miss my evenings of watching Tiny House Nation on the DVR after the kiddos go to bed.  But I assured my husband that as soon as new seasons of The Walking Dead come out on DVR we will head down to Coborn’s Video to rent them.  That will wind up costing us a LOT less than $72/month!

Do you folks have cable or do you prefer streaming site, or both?

***Update!  We are now a couple years in and really never have looked back.  We found out that Roku is great for hubby but the kids and I prefer using the Wii.  Also Walking Dead can be purchased on Amazon and watched just one day after airing on cable.  And it costs less to purchase a whole season than we were paying for just one month of cable with DVR.  YAY for reducing unnecessary spending!!!

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