I Am Grateful – March 2017


This has been a month that is screaming spring and outdoors.  I am so looking forward to more warm days and even daring to think of summer days at the pool.  It is a perfect time to reflect back on what I have been grateful for this month.

I am grateful for birthdays.

This month Sophea turned 8 and I am so grateful and proud to be her mama.  I have loved the opportunity to homeschool her this year.  Watching her learn and grow has been an amazing experience.


I am grateful for daughters.

Our brilliant daughters add more joy to my life than I ever thought possible.  I cherish every moment I get with my older daughters who’s time is precious.  My younger daughters fill every day with excitement and the adventure of learning new things through their eyes.


I am grateful for this blog.

Especially the sense of community I feel with the blogging community and the people who come and read and comment.  Writing is such a great outlet for me, it just helps so much to get the things that are rolling around in my brain.  I’m never going to be compared to Shakespeare, but I love that people come and read anyway.  Hitting that publish button is a pretty good feeling!

I am grateful for jackets.

Snow pants, boots, and hats….  oh MY!  I am ready to box them up in the deepest cavern our home has to offer.  And think of them NOT until the leaves have all fallen again.  Jackets are a welcome relief at least  until flip flops and swim suits make their return.

homeschool bridge

I am grateful for my best friend.

We have been friends for over 20 years but over the last couple have not spent nearly as much time together….  until lately.  We have been making an effort to spend more time talking and touching base and it has been so wonderful.  I’m glad to have a friendship that can last through the drought and come back out just as brilliant on the other side.

I am Grateful for medical care.

My Hannah had her wisdom teeth removed this month and everyone at the oral surgery from the front desk to the surgeon were so gentle and gracious.  They eased her fears and took very good care of her. She was strong and brave and healed very quickly.  I am so grateful.


I am grateful for my husband.

We will have been married 11 years in May.  He was there for me during times of loss this year and even though he shakes his head at some of my grand schemes and even though we differ in so many ways, he is always a strong shoulder when I am feeling weak.  I love that he knows when I am at the point where I just feel like I can’t and he is quiet and strong then.  Not to mention that he is very handsome…  and my children love him like crazy.


What have you been feeling grateful about this month?



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  1. Janet @ AWM says:

    What a lovely post! I’m grateful for my mum – it was her birthday in March and mine the day after! I’m grateful for families, I’m grateful for my husband, I’m grateful for having opportunities in my life. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, for being warm and for having food. I don’t have loads of money, but we get by and I’m grateful for life and health!

    Thanks for sharing this post, it really made me think of all the positives – there are too many to name! Thanks for linking to #AnythingGoes
    Janet @ AWM recently posted…Thinking about home educationMy Profile

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