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As you may know, or may have read in the Krietlow Family Update, this year we made the decision to allow Sophea to homeschool.  I of course planned everything out and bought tons of different things that we would absolutely need to get us through 2nd grade.  Courses changed though, as they often do, and Sophea took the reigns shortly after starting.  She has been the guide through this adventure with me acting more as facilitator than anything else.

I may post more in-depth as to how this works later but for now I just wanted to go through some of the things that I’ve loved most and also that I’ve found most challenging this year.


So this is the one that people bring up most…  and that many fellow homeschool moms tend to roll their eyes at.  You will NOT get that from me.

Sophea does not do well without regular access to her peers.  I’ve found this to be one of the most challenging aspects of homeschooling.  When she attended public school I really took for granted the easy access to other children.

It took us a while to really gain our footing socially.  I needed to facilitate by really just saying yes to playdates, getting out into the community, and finding avenues for her to meet other children.  Sophea needed to break out of her shell and connect with other people that she found interesting when we were out and about.  We also found that December can be a lonely month as it’s difficult especially in the last half to really connect with friends often and most activities are on a break.  We’d like to plan better for that next year.

All in all it has worked well.  She’s maintained the close friendships she made in public school and made new friends through our co-op, choir, and other activities.  If we hadn’t been able to master the skill of homeschool socialization I don’t think I could have called this year successful.

homeschool sled

Exploring Our Community

Exploring our community and being out in nature is one of the great perks of homeschooling.  We truly do as little of our school actually at home as possible.  It’s absolutely wonderful to practice recorder on a deserted beach, float boats on the lake, take our books to the flower garden or out for muffins and cocoa, not to mention our exceedingly frequent trips to the local library.  There really is no limit to what we can do in our day.

One of my greatest wishes in homeschooling was not to box her in but to make her world large.  I love that she loves to be on the go and it just brings such an excitement to each day.

homeschool bridge

Homeschool Difficulties

I’ve already talked about our earliest challenges with socialization but there are other personal difficulties that both Sophea and I face.

The coldest days here in South Dakota have not been the easiest to homeschool.  Sophea and I both tend toward winter blues and some days we downright get on each other’s nerves.  We do spend an extraordinary amount of time together and I think Sophea and I would agree that most days that is a blessing but there are times when we could use a little more space.

Another is time management.  We can get so caught up in one thing that we are interested in that we leave some of the other things until we are just either too wiped out or just plain out of time that day.  It took us a while to find a rhythm that worked for us so that we can get the math, language art, and another subject (weekly revolving list) done in the morning and then go back to whatever is pulling our attention (for Sophea it’s usually crafts, science, history, or being active).  If we can maintain that then we aren’t leaving things out like computers, spelling, music, etc.


I think if anyone asked Sophea what the best part about homeschool is she would say it is the science experiments.  I would not disagree with her.  We have made glow in the dark lotion, crystals, all manner of different kinds of play dough….   and slime.   Lots and lots of slime!

homeschool slime

We did have some difficulty coming up with an awesome recipe though so this link is the best we found after some wading.  Hope it’s helpful to you as well!

How to Make Slime – Elmer’s Glue Recipes

I guess that really wraps up my bests and worsts as far as I can think right now.  If you homeschool I’d love to hear your best and worsts in comments below.  And if you are considering homeschooling I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!



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    • Anne says:

      Anything that messy is guaranteed to be a hit right? I never really thought I would be a homeschool mom. Some days I think I could do this forever…

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

    • Anne says:

      Anything that messy is guaranteed to be a hit right? I never really thought I would be a homeschool mom. Some days I think I could do this forever…

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting!
      Anne recently posted…Blog Link LoveMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      The outside and the field trips are amazing for us too. Really looking forward to consistent warm weather so we can be out much more often! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Anne recently posted…Blog Link LoveMy Profile

  1. Peachy and her Mommy says:

    Peachy is only 15 months old so we’re not at school age yet, but I have thought about homeschooling. I’m just not that confident that I wold be able to provide a well rounded education. What if I miss something? I guess there’s always Google. I’ll have to thing about it and see how I feel once we get closer to it.

    I love the slime! It looks awesome. Thanks for linking with #APeachyParty

    • Anne says:

      I know I was worried about just that thing when I started. I was amazed at the support and excellent materials available. It really makes it difficult not to provide a well rounded education. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Rosie @ Little Fish says:

    This is a really interesting post. I never really considered home schooling, but as it turns out I’ve ended up being home with my 4 year old for his whole life so far. It will be strange for that to change! I’m with you on the outdoor adventures and child entered projects. I’m worried how that will change when he starts school. At the moment he does 2 mornings of an outdoor nursery, which is great because he is getting the outdoor time and the socialisation too. I can see there are so many benefits to home schooling. I hope we can find the right balance for us. Lovely photos – that slime looks awesome! x
    Rosie @ Little Fish recently posted…Living Arrows 2017 – 11/52My Profile

    • Anne says:

      Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and commenting. That balance can be difficult and I’ve found it’s different for each of my children. I am glad though that this is what works for her because I enjoy it more than I thought I would. I hope that right balance for you and your son just comes really naturally and easily!
      Anne recently posted…Blog Link Love – St. Patricks Day EditionMy Profile

    • Anne says:

      It’s been quite an amazing year. Sophea and I talked this week as well and she would like to continue on for at least another year so that is very exciting news. Thanks for stopping in and commenting and for hosting such a great link up!
      Anne recently posted…Blog Link Love #15My Profile

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