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Productivity  *SIGH*  Sometimes in daily life taking it a day at a time can seem like an unachievable goal, especially when the to-do list seems long and never ending.  There are a few tips that I like to keep in mind at the beginning of the day to help keep me motivated and to really make the most of my time and I thought I would share them with you.

First and foremost I try to remember that not everything HAS to get done just because it’s on some crazy mental list.   As I think of things that I would like to get done I try to jot them down on a master list, that way I know that I am not forgetting something important.  Each night sit for just a couple minutes to make a to-do list for the following day and check with that master list.  Occasionally things from the master list seem less important after they’ve sat for a while…  so don’t fret about crossing off something that now seems inconsequential!

Now for the actual next day’s list I choose one thing that absolutely needs doing.  This is the thing that is going to make the following day a success.  Then I choose 5 more things that would be nice if would get done as well.

Example: today’s list

*1. Dentist appt. 10am.

2. Look into different picture editing options.
3. Get laundry put away.
4. List items on facebook yard sale site.
5. Tidy family room.

Now that doesn’t seem as bad as staring at my whole master list.  Those other things are things I will think on another day.  But still sometimes my brain is racing and feel like the mom taxi jobs, kids questions and snacks and other needs, and any other current life stressors are pulling me in all directions it can be hard to be motivated to start a project or pick up the phone.

In this case the best thing to get me motivated is to just set the timer on my stove for 20 minutes.  I may not feel like I can just get at a list but I can certainly get to doing something for 20 minutes.  And over time I’ve found that not many tasks can’t be completed in that 20 minutes.  I’ve also found that once I’ve gotten started I feel that rush of accomplishment and gets easier to set that timer another time…..  many times I even get much more accomplished than was on my list!

How do you keep your motivation and productivity?

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