Testing – Homeschool Style

Testing Homeschool Style

One thing that I love about homeschool ala Sophea is that I choose our method of testing. We get to skip the “teach to test” style and test for a purpose. We also don’t have to move on until each skill is mastered.

Vocabulary Testing

Vocabulary/Spelling is my favorite subject to teach.  We do 10 words each 5 days of school. I keep a master list of words from her journaling and independent writing that have spelling mistakes.  7 of these are used each week.  Then I add in 3 words that she doesn’t use regularly.  We spend a day covering the meanings and spellings of each word.  2nd day is using each word in writing.  3rd day is writing each word 4 times.  Then we do an oral spelling practice day.  Last day is a written test.  Any words that were spelled incorrectly are transferred to the following week’s list.

Math and Language Arts Testing

Math and Language Arts were subjects in public school that Sophea found frustrating.  She told me many times that she disliked waiting to start on the next area after she already knew what was being covered.  In our homeschool we go through each section.  At the end of the section we take the test.  If she’s got it down we can move on right away.  If not I can find worksheets or fun games that will help the information “take” in a way the curriculum didn’t.  We then retest and go on after she feels comfortable with the skill.

Science/History/Geography….  etc.

So many areas of interest to follow.  I am so amazed every day.  Sophea’s desire to learn seems to have no limits. With the freedom to study anything we want, in whatever way we want, the sky is the limit.  I really see no need to test in other subjects.  It’s apparent she is retaining information above grade level just through the conversations we have.  At this level any sort of testing I could do would just damage her love of learning.  At this point I don’t want to turn her “want to” into “have to.”

What is your method of testing in your homeschool?



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  1. Rhyming with Wine says:

    I can see so many benefits to the two of you being able tailor your teaching and learning to suit Sophea’s individual pace. I really admire your dedication and effective planning. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

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