The Perfect Sandwich Bread

sandwich bread

My husband says that I make the best white sandwich bread in the world and I am inclined to agree :)  It took me a few different recipes to find one that really worked well to make sandwiches with and I am really pleased with this recipe so I thought I would share.  Also great for toast and whatever else you use bread for.

I do my dough in a bread machine just because it saves quite a bit of the actual effort involved in making bread.  If you don’t have a bread machine and would like to make bread I definitely recommend keeping an eye out in the thrift shops and yard sales.  I see them constantly.  I personally have 2 bread machines so I can make 4 loaves at a time.

This recipe freezes well so feel free to make extra to set aside.  I always find there are times where I would be buying bread in the store if I didn’t have any on hand and that can add up in the grocery budget.

OK, bread without bread maker. (If you have a bread maker its the same but put ingredients in your bread maker and skip step 3.  Set machine to dough and press start)

1) Take a medium mixing bowl. 18 T warm water and add 2 tsp yeast without stirring. Cover and let sit for 5 minutes minutes.

2)Stir activated yeast and add 1/4 any kind of oil, 1 tsp. salt, 1/4 cup sugar,  2 3/4 cups flour.

3) Mix together and knead for about 5 minutes (this is the part where the bread machine comes in handy). cover with cloth and let rest for 1 hour. 

4) sprinkle flour on your surface and place your dough on it and punch it down good to get any bubbles out. fold long sides over themselves

Short ends in

pinch together and try not to leave air pockets inside or there will be holes in the bread

turn over and put in sprayed baking pan to rise :)

5)Bread rises better in a warm moist environment. During the summer I can just set it on the counter and it rises within an hour or hour and a half. During the winter its chillier and dryer so it can take substantially longer.  I wait until the middle of the loaf has risen at least 1/2 inch above the edge of the baking pan.  I also prefer to use glass baking pans.  I think the crisp is nicer along the edges of the bread and it helps to be able to see when it is ready to pull out of the oven.

6)Then bake uncovered on 350 for approximately 23 minutes. Oven temperatures vary so yours may need an extra minute or so.  It should looked nicely browned across the top and along the edges.

Bread should then go on a cooling rack so air can gt underneath while it cools, let cool for an hour before storing to release moisture so your bread doesn’t get soggy in the bag.  Use within 2 days of freeze for longer storage.

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