The Purpose of Home

Purpose of Home

Home is so much more than a place to stack your stuff. When I was thinking of a title for this blog I was thinking about what was important in my life and realized very quickly that everything I love revolves around home and what it signifies for me and my family.  Just Only Home is a place for so many things in our life and I really wanted to define some of those things for myself to keep my daily to-dos in line with my priorities.  These 6 things really sum up for me the purpose of our home

1. Place of rest.

My home should be a welcoming place. We all face many battles on some days.  Home should be the place to put those aside and find rest and ease with each other.  I’ve never been house proud and prefer simple decoration and comfy furniture.  A place that we can really be comfortable in.

2. Place of learning.

This is after all where I am raising my children.  Am I preparing them for them for their life to come.  I want to especially remember this as I am going about my daily activities.  I want them to be involved in the kitchen and in the rest of the home.  I always want to be looking for opportunities to help them become self sufficient and to find out who they are and what they love so I can encourage them to follow those dreams

3. Place of safety.

I’ve always wanted to have a home for my family where they feel they can get away from social pressures and from judgement.  One place where they can be themselves and be completely and wholly accepted.

4. Place to grow gratitude.

One of the main lessons I would like to teach my children is that enough is something to be grateful for and that the pursuit of more can rob joy.  I try to do that in our home by giving generously and growing gratitude for what we have in my own attitude.

5. Place to welcome friends.

I want home to always be a place where my children feel excited and happy to invite their friends.  I want a welcome, open door policy with plenty of food and space to play for all.  A warm place where they love to gather with their friends

6. Place to return

When it all comes to an end and my children have flown the nest, I want this to be a place where they want to visit.  I hope that everything that we do here creates a closeness between us that brings us all together as our family spreads its wings.

What do you feel is the purpose of your home?

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