Triage – Life’s Daily Choices

triage life's daily choicess

What a glamour filled weekend we had here!  Tummy troubles with my 7 year old Wednesday evening and the poor little bug just wasn’t feeling well at all.  It really is strange the moments that strike us and really make us realize something….

The thing that struck me is something I knew but my husband had to take a moment to triage.  “A crying child left to cry takes more cuddling to return them to their natural state.”  At least as far as my littlest one is concerned.

So here’s what happened.  Sophea was succumbing to nausea and I asked Clara to run and grab a ponytail holder.  She was happy to help as she was worried about her big sister…  but on the way she fell and bruised her knee on the stairs.  Hubby yelled to me, frustrated, asking if he should grab Clara or grab a ponytail for me.  Of course I told him to take care of Clara….  but those few extra moments required quite a bit of extra cuddling for her to stop feel better where as if he had scooped her up immediately she would have been over it almost instantly and on her merry way to scoop up the ponytail holder herself.

All was well in the end but laying in bed later playing over the day I realized that a lot of our time is spent triaging our circumstances…. our events, our finances, our emotions, our stuff….  our daily choices.  In the cases where we try to do what we have planned out regardless of the situations that arise we can leave a mess in our wake that isn’t easily cleaned up.  On the other hand if we forsake every plan to only focus on putting out fires…  well, how is that stiving to live intentionally.  Sometimes the answer isn’t so easy.

One thing that I have done recently in an attempt to simplify is to write down a kind of purpose statement, a few lines that I can run through my mind as to what I want personal and what I want for my home and family.

  • live simply
  • eat/rest well
  • encourage learning/creativity
  • home is peaceful, warm, encouraging, & safe

I am still keeping a goal list for the day with plenty of wiggle room for the things that come up, time for nothing but the children, and time for only myself.  I limit my goal list to 10 things per day Mon-Sat and then (try for) only 3 on Sunday…  starring the 3 most important.  I give myself a pat on the back for completing the 3 and the rest is gravy!

Now when I get up a have a clear plan for the day, I know that there is time not only for the things that I have planned to do but also ample time to devote to the things that are the most important in creating the home that I want for my family and the life that I want for myself and as situations arise I can set aside the to-do’s and focus on the BEING THERE.  When I am done needing to be in the moment I can take a moment for myself to shift gears and then right back to the to-do’s where I left off.

Throughout this weekend it has helped me to stay much calmer, to achieve goals, but most of my attention was focused on simply being there for Sophea and having a rest while she wasn’t feeling well.  Usually a thrown off plan pushed me off kilter.

I’m not sure how this will play out long term.  But I can say for certain that since starting this I really do feel like more of my goals are progressing at a quicker rate and that I don’t feel like I’m spending the bulk of my time rushing around to this “MOM!” or that “MOM!” leaving a wake of unfinished projects behind me!   And that really is a good thing :)

How do you manage your daily choices between the goals you have set and the things that come up?

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