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It feels like time for a more personal year in review update.  So much has happened in our lives over the past year and blog posts keep moving but sometimes the big picture gets left behind in the day to day. There have been many losses and gains over the past year but all in all I consider this year an enormous success.


We lost family and friends this year including my 2 remaining grandparents.  Wonderful people who lived long and brilliant lives and added much to the world.  Just attending their funerals left me in awe at the legacy they left behind.

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Our biggest addition was a new son in law who felt from the beginning like he fit into our family.  We are so grateful for the amazing and unique bond he shares with our oldest daughter and are very proud too call him our son.


The biggest change (and the most time consuming) in my life personally was our decision to homeschool Sophea for 2nd grade.  She will be turning 8 in March and has really thrived and learned and grown so much this year and it was a great joy to be able to watch her grow!  I’m not sure what each year forward will bring for her and we are leaving her education options very open and involving her first and foremost in the decisions but whatever comes next year I have enjoyed this time with her immensely and will always be grateful for it!


And since this IS a frugality blog I should update there as well.   We continue to be frugal and my husband remains working both jobs.  Some bigger expenses came up last year which depleted the savings that we had accumulated but it was amazing having those funds there and not needing to go into debt over medical bills and repairs.  My husbands hours have increased a bit recently at his main job so we are looking forward to being able to return some money to savings and even possibly do some needed home repairs throughout the summer and fall.

Thank you again to all who have checked in recently!

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  1. Karen, the next best thing to mummy says:

    What a great family you have and a fantastic way of making keepsakes! #photolinky@-karendennis

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