Why I Choose Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic vs. Fabric

So fabric shopping bags seem like the eco friendly way to go am I right?  I do have my share of them and I really love them for a variety of purposes.  They are great for hauling stuff around, especially on library day!  But when we go to the store I rarely bring them along.  And here’s why:

1.  No Discount

None of the local stores have a discount offered for bringing in your own shopping bags or even for reusing the plastic shopping bags.  I on the other hand can find uses for the plastic shopping bags that they give me for free that save me money in the long run.  I also then have one less thing to think of on my trips to the store.

2.  Small Can Liners around the home

I’ve never seen a good reason to buy the small can liners for bathrooms and bedrooms.  Plastic shopping bags fit perfectly in most small garbage cans.

3.  Sending things off to a new home.

Plastic shopping bags are perfect for sending things off to a new home.

4.  Yard Sales

We have a yard sale every year.  Need to have at least a small stash of plastic shopping bags for the sale.

5. Shipping Material

I wouldn’t trust them to ship something very breakable but plastic shopping bags are great for wrapping and stuffing boxes to be shipped.  They are very light weight and add almost nothing to the shipping costs and save the cost of tissue paper.  They also don’t leave any of the residue behind on your items like newspaper can.

6. Take for Travel

We use plastic shopping bags when we travel to store things that may cause smell on the way home such as dirty clothes and shoes.  I also use them doubled up to pack things that may leak on the trip such as shampoos, hairspray, and lotions.

7.  Storage

I use plastic storage bags to wrap Christmas ornaments and any other breakables before we put them away in storage.

8.  Swim Bag

I always toss a couple plastic shopping bags in my swim bag to take wet suits home in.

9.  Kitchen Waste

Several months ago I was low on tall kitchen garbage bags and was all set to put them on the grocery list.  But since my goals of spending less and making more from scratch I’d noticed that my kitchen trash was not filling nearly as fast as it had been, to the point where I was taking out half full bags just to avoid any unpleasant kitchen smells.  It seemed to me to be the perfect time to make a switch to a smaller can.  I haven’t regretted it!  Now there is less space in my kitchen taken up by a garbage can, no more money spent on tall kitchen bags, and the trash gets taken out regularly.


I store them in a fabric shopping bag that hangs on a hanger in my utility closet and when that bag gets full I use my fabric shopping bags for a bit until we’ve used down a bit of my stash.  That has only come up once over the past 6 months though because buying less also means fewer plastic shopping bags coming in!

What do you use to do your shopping?  Have you found any ways to save money in your home using plastic shopping bags?

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